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Believe it or not, The Queen’s Cartoonists are not the only group out there making unusual, wacky, extreme music! Here is a list of some of the artists that inspire us.


Raymond Scott - The original inspirations for TQC, Raymond Scott led a wild swing band in the 1930s. Warner Brothers bought his entire recording catalog and used it extensively in the Loony Tunes and Merry Melodies cartoons. 


John Kirby - An under appreciated jazz artist, John Kirby arranged a lot of classical music for his super-group of swing musicians. If only we could swing as hard as they did!


Carl Stalling - A genius arranger and orchestrator, Carl Stalling was the man behind countless early Disney and Warner Brothers cartoons. He meticulously composed and arranged music on extremely tight timelines to create the classic Looney Tunes soundtracks.


Spike Jones - Drummer, band leader, and TV personality Spike Jones added humor and theatrics to jazz and pop music for decades of silliness.


Bit - Bit Brigade performs video game soundtracks while a member in the band plays the games live!


Mnozil Brass - The wackiest brass band on the planet! World class instrumentalists who sing, dance, and act like lunatics on stage.


Max - A singer of Weimer-era cabaret music, Max Raabe brings the joy and pleasantness of 1930s Germany to the big stage with his dance band.


The Queen’s Cartoonists - - Oh hey, that’s us! We just wanted to see us on this list, even if it’s at the bottom.

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